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And People In Hell Also Want Ice Water

James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint.

He stands 6’5” in custom-made cowboy boots,..

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Jan 7, 2014 9:35:00 AM

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How to Double Your Marketing & Sales ROI

In the same way that forensic units use state-of-the-art techniques to solve criminal cold cases, companies can use “business forensic techniques” to get to the bottom of their very own sales cold cases.

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Dec 30, 2013 9:20:00 AM

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Up, Down, Over and Out

I woke up thinking about the Frank Sinatra classic "That’s Life" this morning and thought the following was a pretty good description of my life since 2008:

I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,  a poet, a pawn..

PowerViews with James Obermayer: Why Don’t Sales Reps Follow Up On Leads? The Real Issue

We’re nearing the last quarter of 2013, and another year of sales will soon be behind us. An important question all sales and marketing departments should be asking themselves is how they can better communicate in..

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Martine Hunter on May 9, 2013 8:35:00 AM

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Good Reads for B2B Marketing - Protect Your Online Reputation


Online content in the sales and marketing industries is constantly changing. The Marketing Sphere represents recent good reads from our digital circles about B2B marketing selected by PointClear colleagues.

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How Much Leads Cost


I review a lot of content on this topic and am amazed at what I find written about lead cost. For example:

What Should the Sales Close Rate Be?

I’ve read and heard (from a well-known industry analyst firm) that best-in-class companies close 30% of sales qualified leads..

"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers."

This saying always amuses me. Partly because it’s true, partly because it’s funny, but also because it’s often misunderstood...

Sales Suffer When You Pick Bad Times to Contact Prospects

In the digital age, more and more communication takes place via email and text messaging, but a person-to-person conversation..