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Collaboratively Developed Lead Definition

100% of all leads turned over by PointClear are sales-qualified as agreed upon by sales and marketing

If marketing's definition of a lead is "Fortune 500 CIOs in any industry" and sales' is "IT managers in the security realm," it's clear there's a disconnect. Chances are pretty good marketing is frustrated their leads aren't appreciated, and sales is complaining that marketing doesn't deliver what they need.

PointClear works closely with both marketing and sales leadership to define exactly what a sales-qualified lead is—before a single call is placed: Right person, Right company, Right need, Right time. This important part of the on-boarding process eliminates the "sales-qualified is in the eye of the beholder" claim that both sides might be tempted to make. That is, unless they've worked together to define—and agree upon—just exactly what the term "lead" means.

The Experts Agree

Even with sophisticated tools and new automation techniques for scaling one-to-one marketing, b-to-b transactions cannot occur without direct dialogue between buyers and agents of the seller. Buyers may be interested in managing more of their buying process on their own through online channels and resources, but they still engage in direct dialogue with the seller before the deal is done.

Qualifying marketing-sourced and tele-sourced demand for the benefit of quota-bearing direct and channel sales teams is a critical step in the demand creation process. An increasing number of organizations have recognized teleprospecting’s role in bringing marketing and sales together to drive greater pipeline and revenue. In 2015, high-performing organizations will be characterized by a strategically positioned and well-managed teleprospecting function.

—SiriusDecisions Research Brief
Demand Creation: Planning Assumptions 2015


Gain Insight & Latitude

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Few companies have the sales and marketing resources to cover the market like PointClear. If only a fraction of your target market is contacted, only a fraction of the deals are going to you. The rest will decide on a competitive solution simply because they didn’t know about yours. It's PointClear’s job to ensure every targeted account in your universe knows you exist and understands your value proposition.


At the very core, our approach to prospect development is different. We don’t just call your targets—we have conversations with them. At every touchpoint, we gather important information about them, their companies and their industries. We provide you critical market intelligence that enhances the sales process, including information about competitors, immediate priorities and triggers, and marketplace challenges and trends.


Mind the Gap: Can Inbound Do It All?

Inbound marketing delivers, but it’s vital to measure cost-per-lead and conversion rates to truly understand this marketing mode’s contribution to the bottom line. Careful inbound analysis reveals significant gaps that clearly show it’s not a stand-alone tactic.