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Nurturing Leads To Maturity

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Teleprospecting Case Study

The marketing team at Optum has worked closely with PointClear since 2006. More than 1 in 5 qualified providers became sales-qualified leads. Find out how your organization can benefit from PointClear’s track record delivering the leads sales can trust.


Make an Impact

PointClear is 100% focused on proactively reaching out to prospects that fit your ideal profile. Our dedicated, degreed, and seasoned associates follow a super-targeted account-specific marketing plan.

If you're a marketing executive, sales executive, or an executive
supporting a complex sales process, partner with PointClear. 


High-Value Accounts

We pinpoint companies that are qualified, contacts that have authority and channels that work.

Long B2B Sales Cycle

Long Sales Cycles

Patient. Persistent. Our lead generation, qualification and nurturing efforts work across lengthy cycles.

Multiple Buyers in Sales Pipeline

Multiple Decision-Makers

PointClear navigates many-layered prospect environments, coordinating outreach to progress the sales pipeline.


Personalized Interactions

We engage with your targets on an account-specific basis, replacing canned content with meaningful messaging.

PointClear B2B marketing clients frequently hear the unimaginable from sales—thank you.

To understand how that's possible, we invite you to meet our people. Our associates know how to reach out to prospects, engage decision makers and effectively employ both patience and perseverance to advance your pipeline.

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