Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Jul 7, 2016 10:45:00 PM

Tags: Lead Generation, Lead Management, Cost Per Lead


Questions to Ask Before Investing in Lead Generation

About this time of the year we start to receive calls from prospects wishing to start new lead generation projects ASAP. It happens every year. Our ramp up time for a new program is about four weeks. When prospects hear..

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Jun 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Tags: Lead Qualification, Cost Per Lead


The Quest for Good Leads: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

What’s a good lead rate? How much should a lead cost?

These are questions stirring in the minds of executives everywhere. (Just google them.) The problem is they’re not so easy to answer; few have found success; and..

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Nov 21, 2013 7:47:00 AM

Tags: B2B Marketing, Cost Per Lead, PowerMinute


PowerMinute: [Video] Why Measuring Success on Cost Per Lead is a Huge Mistake

Do you measure success on the basis of your cost per lead (CPL)?

If so, you might want to think again. Measuring success through CPL is a mistake for three reasons. First, you can’t create the same umbrella lead for..

Lead Generation Specialist

Posted by Dan McDade on Oct 9, 2012 8:48:00 AM

Tags: Lead Generation, B2B Sales, Lead Nurturing, Lead Qualification, Cost Per Lead


The Dangers of Using Cost per Lead as a Metric to Measure Marketing

Twice over the past two years I blogged about the dangers of using cost per lead as a metric to measure marketing.

As a foundation, I published three blogs in 2012 in which I outlined three critical elements that..

Measuring B2B Lead Gen Spend: Cost-Per-Lead Fallacy (3 of 3)

The introductory post in this series addressed the problems and costs of applying the cost-per-lead metric to measure the success of B2B lead generation investments. In the second post, we looked at elements of a..

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How Much Leads Cost


I review a lot of content on this topic and am amazed at what I find written about lead cost. For example:

What Should the Sales Close Rate Be?

I’ve read and heard (from a well-known industry analyst firm) that best-in-class companies close 30% of sales qualified leads..

"Marketing is too important to be left to marketers."

This saying always amuses me. Partly because it’s true, partly because it’s funny, but also because it’s often misunderstood...

Sales Suffer When You Pick Bad Times to Contact Prospects

In the digital age, more and more communication takes place via email and text messaging, but a person-to-person conversation is..