PowerViews with Tony Jaros: The New Demand Waterfall, Alignment & SLAs

I'm pleased to have as my guest today Tony Jaros, SVP of Research at SiriusDecisions. Tony is a sales and marketing thought leader with nearly 20 years of experience. He has led the research function at SiriusDecisions..

PowerViews with Brian Carroll: The State of B2B Lead Gen & 2012 Recommendations

My guest today is Brian Carroll. Brian is Executive Director of Revenue Optimization at MECLABS where he leads business units that include Applied Research, Strategy Group, Conversion Group, Leads Group, Agency Group,..

PowerViews with Ann Handley: First, Get Your Strategy, Messaging & Story Right

Today's guest is Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and co-author of Content Rules. She also writes the MarketingProfs "Daily Fix" blog. Her focus is on the conceptualization, development, and..

PowerViews with Rich Vancil: Marketing Ops, Sales Ops & Mashups

My PowerViews guest today is Rich Vancil, IDC Group Vice President for Executive Strategies. As a member of the Executive Advisory Group, he delivers CMO and Sales Advisory Services that provide senior technology..

PowerViews with James Obermayer: Lead Management & Integrated Direct Marketing

My PowerViews guest today is James Obermayer. Jim is the founder of the Sales Lead Management Association. SLMA is the sponsor of the yearly Sales Lead Management week and initiatives to identify both the Top 50 Most..

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How Much Leads Cost


I review a lot of content on this topic and am amazed at what I find written about lead cost. For example:

Why Don’t Companies Want to Talk to Anyone?

It’s truly strange when companies enter the stealth mode. They hide phone numbers, dial-by-name directories, and employee names,..

What Should the Sales Close Rate Be?

I’ve read and heard (from a well-known industry analyst firm) that best-in-class companies close 30% of sales qualified leads..

Outbound vs. Inbound: The Risk Management Issue in the Complex Sale

Companies providing complex, high-investment solutions are facing a significant risk management issue in light of Sirius..