PowerMinute: How to Leave Voicemails that Generate Sales Results

Posted by Dan McDade

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on Sep 16, 2013 1:02:00 PM

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5 Tips for Leaving VoicemailVoicemail in today’s sales arena can be your secret sauce to connecting with your prospects or it can be a death knell. When done correctly, voicemail is powerfully effective. In fact, our experience shows 20% - 30% of all sales opportunities we generate for clients result from leaving a carefully crafted voice message.

In today's PowerMinute you will hear why it is important to leave voicemail messages when prospecting and how to do it successfully to generate a positive response.



PowerMinute™ is a series of 1 minute videos produced to give you helpful tips to energize your lead generation results.

By Dan McDade

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Topics: Prospect Development, Sales Leads, PowerMinute, Prospecting Questions

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