Seven Ideas to Increase Sales (Reading time: Five minutes or Less)

Posted by Dan McDade

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on Nov 2, 2016 1:10:13 PM

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There isn't a senior executive at any company across the globe that doesn't want more sales. The trouble is, not every company truly understands what it takes to  generate that additional revenue.

Here are some best practices involved with increasing sales: 

  1. Lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing: For every dollar you have closed, you have left two dollars on the table. Go to this blog to see why this is happening and what to do about it.
  1. Validation and calibration of lead scoring: Your scoring needs calibration. Are you leaving out a null sample of prospects that do not go through marketing automation to understand what you are not scoring that you should be; OR, what you are scoring that you shouldn’t be. Did you know that senior executives do not consistently provide sufficient body language to be scored; meaning that more agile competitors are meeting with these same prospects right now and closing business that you are not.
  1. Data validation and enhancement: Have you ever been in the position where you have so much data that you are tempted to either clean it all up or throw it all out? Avoid the missed potential that traditional database clean-ups miss. Understand why a clean list doesn’t equate to a high-performing list. Identify your most valuable segments, and apply that knowledge predictably to generate higher return. Achieve a higher number of more profitable sales in a timely manner—at a lower cost. Download our relational segmentation article here.
  1. Audience acquisition: HIMSS is coming up (as are lots of other big shows.) Dare you wait to see if your booth, and whatever you are giving away, attracts the right prospects or do you plan to reach out prior to the tradeshow and fill your schedule at the show with the right prospects before you ever reach the host city?
  1. Response Management and Event follow-up: Did you know that you are better off calling 335 of the right prospects three times rather than calling 1,000 suspects once. Segmentation can be accomplished by title, by content consumed and/or the number of assets viewed. This concept can be easily tested.
  1. Account profiling: Give sales a leg up by profiling target companies as the first step in utilizing Account Based Marketing processes. Don’t go overboard. Spending hundreds up to thousands of dollars per profiled company is not necessary. Bare essentials: metrics such as revenue and # of employees, decision makers, decision influencers, operating environment (as it relates to what you sell), trigger events, real and/or likely potential compelling events.
  1. Win/loss analysis: You will never really know by asking he sales executive. You may not ever know if you go to the lost prospect directly. The use of a third party for win/loss analysis will provide priceless results.

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