B2B ABM: Seven Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017 - Tip #7: From Chaos to Kickass

Posted by Dan McDade

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on Jan 5, 2017 8:15:00 AM

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Sales & Marketing Tips for 2017

How well are your B2B organization’s sales and marketing behaviors, practices, and processes reliably and sustainably producing required outcomes? Are you mired in chaos, spending lots of time getting little done? Are you like most companies, achieving just average results and not knowing why? Or are you among the few that are kickin’ it?

No matter where you are now, there are specific steps you can take to get to a fully optimized condition. You can emerge from a chaotic state … you can rise above average … you can achieve a fully optimized state of prospect development. It takes just three steps to get there. Read on and learn how you can get better ROI on marketing, how you can let your sales people focus on what they do best, and how you can close significantly more deals than you did before. 

Here are three steps to follow to make your sales and marketing teams achieve kickass results. Not 50 things. Three things:

  1. Agree on your market, media and message
  2. Measure what matters
  3. Deliver fewer, but better, leads to sales

Before we get into the details let me address a possible objection by readers. The more senior you are in your organization the more likely it is that you feel that these actions should be (whether or not they can be) handled by others in your organization. The reality is that not only are they not being managed by others in your organization, they are likely being mismanaged. It’s not that your people mean to screw up, it’s just that they are herded into a direction of ineffectiveness by the actions or inactions of others in your company. To make this a more valuable read and good use of your time, for each of the three actions I will provide a specific example of mismanagement and what you can do to fix it.

What is missing in most companies, from an execution standpoint, is the following:

  1. A process to measure the quality and cost per REAL lead.
  2. A judicial branch (that is, the c-level executive) that provides the checks and balances needed to keep the other branches (sales and marketing) honest by evaluating opportunities that are not worked by sales to see if there is a quality or an effectiveness problem.
  3. A group to nurture leads until they are sales-ready; and to take opportunities back if sales cannot gain traction for one reason or another. Right now these opportunities are disappearing into a black hole.

Click here for ungated access to the whitepaper “From Chaos to Kickass”.

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