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Posted by Dan McDade

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on Feb 28, 2018 6:16:41 PM

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I spend a lot of time on the phone every day, talking to sales and marketing leaders—including prospects. I’m often asked what kind of companies PointClear serves.

The short answer is we work with B2B technology, healthcare, financial services and business services organizations, as well as manufacturers. What they have in common are complex sales processes, and the need for outbound account-based marketing services that generate high-quality leads for sales.

But there’s a long answer too: PointClear provides lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing for a variety of companies. Our associates have a range of industry expertise that comes from long experience. What they also have is a quick learning curve when it comes to getting up to speed about the innovative and interesting solutions clients offer. It’s that combination that gives them the ability to have quality conversations (i.e. unscripted) with prospects.

Some of the companies we represent have worked with us for more than 15 years. Ninety percent of the CMOs that engage us have worked with us before. Here’s a sampling:

  • Multiple civic platforms designed for various government entities 
  • Software to optimize the insurance business through predictive analytics
  • An RPO specializing in customized management of talent
  • A global indusrial manufacturer of equipment that improves productivity and efficiency
  • Automated physician scheduling that streamlines practice operations and creates a positive patient experience
  • Agile software development and IT support with all work done in the USA
  • Managed services that include network monitoring and management, help desk, back-up and disaster recovery to maximize security and minimize downtime
  • Software for effective management of drone fleets
  • Multi-state provider of natural gas supply and transportation services to assure dependable delivery
  • IT systems and services to help ensure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner serving global consumer brands, manufacturer and retailers
  • An analytics solution for manufacturers that improves decision-making, and plant operations

For those we’re already serving, thank you for the partnership opportunity.

For those not yet on our client list, let’s talk about working together to provide the 100% sales-qualified leads your sales needs.

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