Good Reads for B2B Sales - Cold Calling Revisited

Posted by Guest Blogger on Apr 4, 2013 10:58:00 AM

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Good Reads for the B2B Sales SphereStaying current on the latest innovations and opinions in sales  can be daunting, especially in the the digital space.  PointClear's staff  and Sales Sphere features relevant blog articles from our digital circles about B2B sales. 


Sales Coaching - The Use and Abuse of Modeling

According to Richard Ruff, co-founder of Sales Horizon, sales managers should demonstrate or model sales skills to reps. Modeling is more effective if managers and salespeople set asside time for pre-work and analysis after observation. Via Sales Training Connection

Going Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis

Partners in EXCELLENCE president and blogger David Brock challenges that sales professionals go beyond providing rudimentary features and benefits. Customers need strong business justified solutions, he exclaims. Sales needs to go beyond to provide financial justification. Via Partners in Excellence

Always Be Closing: 3 Tips for Digital Lead Gen Optimization

Roland Nadeau of Integrate B2B advises that B2B sales organizations stay in a closing state of mind with three tips: Buy the right leads, leverage channels and budgets effectively, and optimize offer types to maximize engagement. Via Integrate

The Force Multiplier Effect of Social Media for Professional Sellers

SPI's Solution Selling blog encourages sales pros to embrace social media and take advantage of its multiplier effect. Social media helps sellers develop a professional persona on a number of ubiquitous communications platforms and disseminate information about their company’s products and services. Via Solution Selling

Cold Call, revisited:  Best practices for getting in the door

Craig Rosenberg, of Funnelholic, says, "Organizations should invest in either an internal inside sales function in charge of reaching out to and qualifying leads for the direct reps or hire an appointment setting organization or an out-sourced tele-organization to do it instead." He lists 12 solid tactics for reenergizing the cold calling process. Via Funnelholic

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