Defined 30-Day Onboarding

Success starts with planning, which is why we developed our industry-leading onboarding process. Involving client marketing and sales leadership, and our firm's strategists, we create a playbook that guides your B2B teleprospecting program—in just 30 days. Deliverables include:

  • Mutual definition of a sales-qualified lead that makes sure all leads delivered are ready to follow up and close per agreed-upon criteria surrounding target, company, and need.
  • Articulation of message and offer so those making calls understand who your audience is, what their pain points are, what the competitive landscape is like, and how you're different.
  • Data development and list segmentation is the basis of our contact approach on your behalf.

Dedicated Team

PointClear B2B lead generation associates have more business know-how than the industry average. Our professionals are college grads—many with advanced degrees—and have an average 10 years' experience.

  • All associates are employed by PointClear so you're represented well. We don't use temps or offshore resources.
  • More generous compensation plans give us an advantage: We attract the best talent and deliver results.
  • Associates complete our lead generation, qualification and nurturing certification which means they know and follow industry best practices.

Smart Call Flow (No Robotic Scripts)

We arm our associates with information they need to engage in unscripted dialogue. They're able to uncover pain points and carry on conversation—a consultative approach that represents you well.

  • No script memorization. We internalize your company's offerings, messages, and processes.
  • Our associates speak your language, and act as an integral member of your selling team.
  • PointClear's ability to identify, respond to, qualify and nurture leads keeps your sales team productive, your revenue on target.

Pipeline Visibility

With PointClear, there's no wondering about results. You have full visibility into lead flow, deals generated, and revenue achieved. 

  • Weekly team meetings keep your program on track, and give you opportunity to discuss field sales lead follow-up/close success.
  • Detailed weekly reports track contacts made, pipeline progress and leads handed over to you.
  • Anytime access to your program director to discuss strategy, analytical findings, and messages keeps communication channels productive.

Thank you for your interest in PointClear.

We generate highly qualified sales opportunities, provide market coverage, and deliver actionable market intelligence for clients in technology, healthcare, business services, manufacturing & distribution, and financial services.

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