Predictive B2B Market Targeting

The next time you run a marketing program against an in-house database or a purchased prospect list, would it interest you to know how to generate 84 percent of your lead volume while spending just 60 percent of your budget?

In other words, would you like to know how to generate a 140 percent increase at your current spend?

Of course you would. There’s not a marketing or sales executive out there who would hesitate to say, “Yes.”

Therein lies the premise for this newly released eBook: a relatively simple database segmentation, prioritizing and testing approach can be applied to identify prospects more likely to buy—as well those that will generate larger deals.

This knowledge can be effectively applied to consistently generate higher value leads at lower cost, increase overall marketing and sales effectiveness, and drive more revenue. Sophisticated relational segmentation techniques balance the principle of statistics with realities of today’s marketing budgets, and can predict the likely success of B2B marketing programs.

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