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Take 3 Minutes to Learn 3 Truths about Sales Lead Generation

Posted by Dan McDade

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Nov 1, 2013 9:45:00 AM

PowerMinute: 60 Second Learnings To Help You Sell More


    • Need up-to-the-minute info on the importance of lead definition?
    • Appreciate a reminder of the impact of the human voice in successful selling?
    • Want a quick tip to help boost marketing ROI—and sell more too?




For 60-second learnings on these and other hot sales lead management issues, tune to the newly introduced PowerMinute videos. This spot-on video series was created to help sales, marketing and c-level execs who are short-on-time and long-on-the-need to succeed, stay ahead.

Check out these 3 bite-size bits of valuable how-to information designed to energize your lead-generation results:

1) Don’t use BANT to define your leads. If you still think this outdated methodology has value, watch this PowerMinute video. You’ll learn why the B (budget) doesn’t matter; and why A (authority) is often misconstrued. Stick to N (need) and replace that T (timeframe) with a C for compelling event and you’ll maximize opportunities.

2) A 20-second voicemail is a powerful sales tool. If you’ve ever discounted the effectiveness of voice messages in a complex B2B sales environment, take a look at this PowerMinute video. You’ll learn that carefully crafted voicemail messages can be traced to 20% to 30% of all sales opportunities uncovered.

3) Marketing, please don’t send unfiltered leads to sales. They’ll waste them. Take the time to qualify and nurture them and only send the good ones on. You’ll get the return-on-investment you need for your efforts, and your company will sell more. View this PowerMinute video for more about this win-win value proposition.

Each PowerMinute gives busy executives the easy-to-digest learnings they need to enhance lead generation, qualification and nurture effectiveness … and impact conversion. The series of one-minute videos are hosted by Dan McDade, author of The Truth About Leads, and produced by Carrie Surprenant, one of SLMA’s 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2013. Check them out today.

PointClear is a prospect development company. Founded in 1997, the Atlanta-based company helps B2B companies fill their sales forecasts with qualified opportunities. PointClear closes the gap between marketing and sales—nurturing leads, engaging contacts and developing prospects until they’re ready to close.

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