The numbers are clear: Building an inside sales team costs 10% more than outsourcing the same services.


Why then do so many companies insist on building an internal team vs. partnering with a specialized firm? 

Many think an in-house team gives them more control and saves money. In reality, both the hard and soft costs of an internal approach are higher than an outsourced approach. 

This paper presents the proof that outsourcing pays off, giving you a side-by-side comparison of the costs associated with both approaches: 

  • Labor, commissions, benefits.
  • Equipment overhead, management, administration.
  • Turnover, rehiring, retraining.

Plus you’ll learn about the high price of dissatisfaction among your six-figure field sales team when internal inside sales people leave—and they’re left unsupported. 

Find out how your organization can benefit from PointClear’s track record delivering the leads sales can trust.