Leads, Appointments and Granfalloons

Today, too many B2B marketers are generating leads without enough regard to quality … and paying a premium for appointments that won’t generate the results they need. At the same time, sales executives are devaluing marketing’s efforts—often for good reason.

This informative white paper helps you focus on actions to take right now to improve your ongoing sales and marketing programs.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the gaps between sales and marketing that are costing your company.
  • How to thoughtfully generate quality leads through multi-touch, multi-cycle, multi-media marketing.
  • Why you can’t measure marketing success based on the cost-per lead.
  • Why “appointment setting” is really merely “appearance setting” and is seldom the solution a B2B sales organization needs.
  • How you can apply seven key principals to assure more effective lead generation, forecasting and revenue opportunities for your company.

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