Read the full story of how, in year one, PointClear generated a lead rate almost twice that of industry benchmarks, providing significantly higher levels of efficiency and ROI for JouleX—and a healthy near-term forecast.

You’ll learn the detailed, quantifiable results of the JouleX/PointClear partnership, including:

  • How energy management solutions provider JouleX determined it needed effective lead generation, qualification and nurture services to meet its challenges—and aggressive growth goals.
  • Why prospect development firm PointClear was tapped to partner with JouleX, creating a plan and executing to assure program success.
  • Why rapid ramp up and keeping the sales team as productive as possible—focused on closing deals—to meet double-digit growth projections was critical to the program’s success.
  • How success was defined (and delivered) in year one; including generating a high lead rate with each lead representing a high dollar value.

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