How to More Effectively Sell in Today's Hyper-digital World

Featuring Linda Richardson & host Dan McDade

As fast-emerging technology continues to change buying habits, traditional sales methodologies are on the decline.  Sales conversations are dying—and so are too many sales. Consultant and best-selling author, Linda Richardson, joins Dan McDade in a thought-provoking discussion about how to move selling forward in an increasingly complex environment by re-engineering the sales conversation. As founder and executive chair of Richardson Consulting Firm, Linda is credited with starting the consultative sales movement, which has guided sales methodologies used by most companies in the past decades. Take this opportunity to benefit from Linda’s expertise:

  • Learn how, as buyers increasingly turn to peers and social networks to self-educate, sales needs innovative approaches to help prospects make informed buying decisions.

  • Get a better understanding of how you can create and shape opportunities, prepare and probe in an entirely new way, gain consensus, and use sales process and tools to accelerate closing.

  • Find out why your ability to effectively impart expertise is vital to maximizing professional, organizational and industry success.