Leading IT Outsourcing Firm Names PointClear Partner of Year Four Consecutive Years

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., CenterBeam is an outsourcing firm that helps mid-size companies lower the cost and improve the delivery of stronger and more secure end-user IT services.

With a $60 million investment in sophisticated IT infrastructure management tools and utilities, and the expertise of more than 40 subject matter experts, CenterBeam delivers to mid-size organizations a world-class computing environment on an affordable, fee-for-service basis. CenterBeam supports clients across six continents in 45 countries from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, legal, financial, real estate, technology and non-profit.

Recognizing the challenge

CenterBeam’s key value proposition to organizations is providing superior, outsourced IT services for a lower overall cost. The decision to select an outsourcing partner has significant financial and operational impact on an organization. As a result, CenterBeam realized that it had to focus its sales efforts on a very specific target: The CFO. CenterBeam faced the challenge of immediately building credibility and relaying its key messages to its target, while at the same time recognizing the sensitivity around the issue of “outsourcing” for many CFOs and their organizations.

Increasing the challenge, CFOs are notoriously a difficult group not only to connect with, but also to engage in a conversation that might lead to a sale. CenterBeam needed to engage and demonstrate value to its target CFOs immediately.

“CFOs have very tight schedules and only respond to information they can translate to their specific needs,” said Kirstin Burke, director of marketing, CenterBeam. “Our approach had to respect their time and deliver a crisp, relevant message.”

CenterBeam saw an outbound calling program as the ideal means to target CFO prospects, to build relationships and to put into context what CenterBeam offers that would help meet the specific needs of CFOs and their organizations.

The company also realized the prime importance of finding the right partner to carry the right messages to the right prospects at the right time. CenterBeam spent over a year verifying an approach and identifying critical success factors to support its strategy. This helped ensure that the vendor they chose would be the best fit and could meet the organization’s top objectives

Discovering the solution

CenterBeam chose PointClear to provide lead generation and prospect qualification services. Initially, CenterBeam agreed to a three-month pilot and then with its success signed on for a subsequent year. PointClear helped develop a comprehensive plan, including the overall approach and specific messaging that would lead to executive conversations, with a goal of qualifying prospects and setting up a time for CenterBeam sales representatives to follow up.

The partnership outcome

To date, CenterBeam projects a greater than 12:1 return on its investment in PointClear services. Since beginning the partnership in 2003, the PointClear team has completed 50,000 dispositions on CenterBeam’s behalf.

“That was quite simply coverage we cannot achieve on our own,” said Burke. “It is not our core competency, and we wanted someone who knew how to do it, who was staffed and resourced to do it. We didn’t want to take the time to have to learn the best practices ourselves.”

Because of PointClear’s rigorous list inspection and tracking, CenterBeam has also been able to work with PointClear to identify areas that are working well and areas that need a different strategy or message. The team then quickly makes adjustments and refocuses on stronger markets. For example, when PointClear worked on a healthcare industry blitz, CenterBeam saw a very strong early response rate and was able to close a number of deals.

“We were able to fully coach the team on healthcare-related scripting, strengthen our list around healthcare organizations, and drive positive results that are still today paying off,” said Burke.

PointClear and CenterBeam’s teams continue to work in partnership on sales initiatives and generating qualified opportunities. Over the course of the partnership, CenterBeam has continued to see increases, both in qualified leads in its sales pipeline and in its revenue numbers as a result of the joint effort.

“PointClear’s contribution to our pipeline and the resulting closed business has been significant,” Burke said. “CenterBeam and PointClear have shared values in the sense that we place a premium on integrity, passion and a ‘client-first’ attitude. This has been key to our successful relationship. Because our goals and values are aligned, the entire team is marching in the same direction.”

Because the PointClear team is often the prospect’s first experience with CenterBeam, a high level of trust is placed on the ability of PointClear to effectively represent CenterBeam’s brand. According to Burke, the PointClear team has met and exceeded that expectation.

“You know it’s working when you receive feedback not only from the field sales team, but from the prospects themselves, about the strength and quality of the team on the phones,” she said. “Their client-first focus mirrors ours, and I believe contributes to our ongoing mutual success.”