Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue
Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue

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Demand generation is all about the alignment of the sales and marketing funnel to ensure greater throughput. This involves having the right mix of people, process and technology, with the right commitment to making it happen.

—DemandGen Report “Demand Gen Best Practices Still in Early Growth Stage” by Jim Osterman, Contributing Editor


Resources for Marketing and Sales

Executives can take wrong turns as they search resources for marketing and sales best practices. Our resources help you gain a true understanding of the elements of marketing and sales most critical to success, assess your current situation and fix problems.

PointClear brings a global perspective to marketing and sales challenges and solutions. Whether the challenge is in front-end business development, markets, media, offers, back-end components, such as sales process development, marketing and/or sales automation or sales management, we provide real solutions based on real work and real successes. When it comes to marketing and sales strategy, operations and tactics, we know what works, what doesn’t and why. And, most importantly, we know how to fix what is broken.

By applying the principles and processes covered in our white papers, releases, articles, events and podcasts, you and your company can enjoy the following results:

  • Marketing and sales communication and accountability
  • Improved marketing and sales productivity
  • Additional, larger and more profitable “wins”
  • Accelerated sales cycles
  • Enhanced and measurable return on marketing and sales initiatives
  • Predictable and more accurate forecasting
  • Reductions in marketing and sales costs

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