Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue
Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue


PointClear’s lead refinement practices ensure that we receive only well-qualified, higher-value prospects—enabling our sales reps to concentrate their efforts on the most likely buyers. In this way we believe PointClear has played a key role in accelerating our business growth.

—Karen Hayward, CenterBeam

driving revenue

Driving Revenue—Increase Sales with PointClear

Driving revenue requires a mindset that is different. While lead-generation vendors and “appointment-setting” companies focus on quantity over quality, driving sales requires a far more results-oriented approach:

planning people process Planning. PointClear is strategic about prospect development. We facilitate collaborative planning with you for on-target knowledge transfer, sophisticated market segmentation, up-front and ongoing training and message articulation, and closed-loop communication—all documented in a comprehensive, custom program plan that significantly accelerates time-to-benefit.

People. PointClear associates have far more business know-how than the industry average. Our professionals are four-year college grads—many have advanced degrees—with an average 10 years experience. They’re compensated for their ability to engage senior-level prospects in meaningful dialogue, and the difference is clear: Prospects are developed efficiently, and revenue is driven to clients.

Process. Our multi-touch, multi-media, multi-cycle approach multiplies results. We combine the right frequency, appropriate messages, and a smart mix of phone, email and traditional direct marketing that keeps the client top-of-mind until the prospect buys.

The PointClear difference means increased sales. Driving revenue from qualified sales prospects translates into a predictable sales forecast … and rapid return on your marketing investment.

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