Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue
Developing Prospects. Driving Revenue

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"While average performing sales reps are running full speed ahead toward inbound leads, HIGH performing reps on the other hand actually told us that they progressively disqualify (and even [de-prioritize]) inbound leads.

Instead, high performers opt to hunt down "emerging" demand in the market place by getting out in front of a customer's buying process and helping to shape that customer's perception of their needs through targeted bursts of controlled insights."

—Casey Devlin, Corporate Executive Board,

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Qualified Prospects Increase Revenue

Need more qualified prospects?
Need more visibility into your market?
Need more predictability into your forecasting?

Most business-to-business executives answer “yes” to these questions. If you are among them, you stand to benefit significantly from a systemized approach to identifying qualified prospects, assuring effective market coverage and generating actionable market intelligence. This unique approach, called prospect development and offered only by PointClear, leverages the efforts of marketing and sales to produce more reliable results, higher-value clients—and increased revenue for your organization.

What is prospect development?

Only a small percentage of leads—including those from tradeshows, purchased lists, or mass-marketing campaigns—are real sales opportunities. Prospect development involves refining the volume of leads to identify the most likely prospects—a critical first step in the sales process.

While there are lead-generation firms adept at passing along names or even setting appointments, they fail to deliver when it comes to actual sales performance. In contrast, PointClear focuses on identifying and nurturing the best qualified prospects. This enables our client’s internal sales team to use its time most effectively by concentrating on candidates most likely to buy.

Quality vs. quantity

PointClear clients have seen first hand that one of the best ways to empower sales is to generate fewer, but better qualified, leads. Our prospect development professionals accomplish this by establishing a meaningful dialogue with your prospects, which allows them to both qualify and prioritize opportunities. We also deliver prospects already knowledgeable and engaged, increasing the likelihood of a completed sale.

The result? Your marketing and sales resources are maximized, and you drive more revenue for your company.

Best-of-class prospect development focuses on qualified revenue opportunities: Standard lead generation focuses on quantity rather than quality:
Fills your forecast with qualified prospects Floods your pipeline with so-called leads
Delivers fewer, yet more qualified leads that improve results Claims inflated lead rates without regard for quality
Gives you sales-ready prospects in seamless transition Clutters calendars with unqualified meetings
Segments, mines databases for maximum effectiveness Uses standard lists, and hopes for different results
Offers program ROI—averaging 10x investment Offers programs that incent volume, not quality
Measures value by revenue generated Measures value by cost-per-lead

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